Food wastage - avoid landfilling!

Great video of FAO about food wastage footprint. Most importantly, food waste schould be kept away from landfills. There are many tools to achieve that. Biogas energy is one of them. Next generation Residue Biorefineries are the next logic stept. Let's avoid the CO2 emissions from landfills!

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Organic waste biorefinery - Rifiuto umido

Video about a plant where our biorefinery ideas have been applied.

This plant is a "Residue Biorefinery"! We will provide more details within this blog shortly.

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Co-digestion of residues in sewage plants

Co-digestion of organic residues and waste has been discussed and applied for many years. Botres Global just has finalized a project report dealing with the co-digestion in sewage plants located in the Province of Bolzano (Italy). Thus we take the opportunity to summarize the most important criteria for successful realization.

In Bolzano three waste water treatment plants apply co-digestion already. In Tyrol (Austria) there are 12 to 13 utilizing residues for energy production.

Co-fermentation is great to increase the coverage of own energy requirements of the plant, or to feed-in renewable energy into the public grid. However, the sewage plants have to provide enough spare capacity for taking up additional load. In this post we present a catalog of criteria together with our recommendations, assuming that this provides a valuable summary for anybody interested in co-digestion...


International Botres Blog

This will become the International version of the botres biogas blog...
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